Tips for Students

  1.  Students must regularly attend the school in full uniform.
  2.  They must speak English in the school premises.
  3.  They should be docile, punctual, clean, neat and hard working. They should take good care of their belongings. The school authorities do not accept any responsibility for the loss of books, clothes, money, tiffin carrier etc.
  4.  All students must keep their books and copies etc. clean, neatly covered with brown paper with their names written on them.
  5.  Every student shall bring the school dairy daily. They should show to their parents any information or requests conveyed to the parents through the diary by the Principal or Teachers and get their signature.
  6.  The students have to bring their tiffin with them. Lunch or any eatables brought by others will not be accepted at the School Gate/ Reception / School Office for various reasons.
  7.  Students should take special care of the school property. Any damage done should be reported to the Class Teacher or the Principal.
  8.  Students are not allowed to use mobile phone in the School campus. A student whose behaviour is injurious to the moral tone of the school or is incompatible with good discipline is liable to be removed from the school.
  9.  The school reserves the right to suspend or dismiss a student for irregular attendance, habitual failure to do one's duty, unbecoming behaviour, conduct unacceptable to the moral tone of the school, insubordination to authority etc.
  10.  Students shall not wear gold ornaments, bracelets, bangles, rings, costly and fancy earrings, decorative hairpins and other such accessories as a matter of discipline.
  11.  Students are expected to take active part in the co curricular activities, educational tours, picnic etc. arranged by the school.
  12.  All students are expected to be in the school at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time for the assembly.

Recommendation to Parents

  1.  Good education is the joint effort of the school and parent though the school can do a lot for the child it cannot do everything. Home is the place where he/she gets his/her first education. So education of your ward can be complete only with the help of your co-operation.
  2.  Parent should ensure that their ward brings the school dairy daily school and are expected to look into their wards school diary regularly. Any information or request conveyed to the parents/guardians through this diary by the Principal/Teachers should be complied and acknowledge. Failure to do so may put students into inconvenience.
  3.  Parents should carefully go through the school calendar and encourage their ward to participate in the school activities.
  4.  Parents are requested to ensure that their ward packs his/her tiffin as well as school diary, books, note books, pen, and pencil box etc. as per the school time-table.
  5.  Parents are requested not to enter the class rooms. All dealings with the teachers, must be conducted only through the school office.
  6.  If the parents have any grievance against any of the teacher(s), they are advised to meet the Principal and settle the matter amicably. Contacting teachers at their homes is strongly discouraged.
  7.  Children are attracted to even trifle things which they would like to acquire for themselves. If your ward brings home anything from the school without the teacher's knowledge send it back the next day itself and inform about it to the class teacher concerned. It will have its own reward in the child's later life.
  8.  The child should be encouraged to cultivate neatness habitually, and all slovenliness should be firmly disapproved.
  9.  As children grow up, they should be taught to keep their room tidy, make their own bag, etc. as the information of such habit early in life inculcates in them the dignity of work.
  10.  Parents are expected to encourage their ward to do their homework by themselves. It is important that children develop a habit of studying and working on their own.
  11.  As the child progress from the lower to the upper classes, increasing opportunities should be given to shift from conforming to externally imposed order to self-imposed discipline.
  12.  When a student falls ill or meets with an accident, the school provides all the first aid. Parents must collect their ward when contacted.
  13.  Parents are advised not to send their children to school if he/she is unwell.
  14.  Criticism of a student's teacher and the school in the presence of the student should be avoided, as it causes consequent failure to learn from him/her. Should you have any legitimate complaint, see the Principle without fear of reprisal.
  15.  Parents must inculcate in their ward habits of punctuality, regular attendance, cleanliness in dress and sidelity to study and work assignments.

In Case Of Leave/Absence

  1.  When a student is unable to attend the class a leave application must be sent to the Principle giving the reason for his/her absence.
  2.  For leave on medical reasons, application should be submitted in advance.
  3.  Medical leave application should be accompanied by a medical certificate.

Regularity of Attendance

  1.  Irregularity in attending school is a major disruptive force in student life. It leads to a lack of sustained interest in studies. It also isolates a student from his/her companions for he /she misses opportunities for shared work and fun. Hence, the school takes a serious view of parents who do not ensure their ward's regular attendance.
  2.  Students are accountable to the school authorities for their behaviour both in school and out of school, particularly when they are in their school uniform.
  3.  Parents of students are expected to regularly check with the class teacher about the behaviour of their wards.Every student should cover a minimum of75% attendance for each term.
  4.  If a student is found outside the school premises during working hours without the written permission of the school authorities, the Principal will be forced to take strict disciplinary action which, if deemed fit by the management, may lead to expulsion.

Withdrawals and Leaves

  1.  Application for T.C. has to be given in writing to the Principal by parent/guardian at least a week in advance. No T.C. or any certificate will be issued till all the school dues are paid full. The fee for T.C. is Rs. 100
  2.  Application for leave of absence for three or more days should be made on a paper to the Principal, well in advance stating the reason, number of days and the same should be got sanctioned from the Principal's Office.
  3.  Leaves for shorter duration should be entered in the School Diary with the signature of the Parent / Guardian.
  4.  A student returning to school after an infectious disease should produce a Doctor's certificate permitting her/him to join the school.
  5.  If a student is absent without application for leave for more than 15 days, her/ his name will be struck off from the rolls and readmission, if granted, will be done as per the rules of admission.
  6.  Withdrawal of children for mere social functions is not recommended since it retards the students' progress in school and minimizes their respect for regular hard work.
  7.  No pupil will be sent home during the class hours.

School Hours

Summer-April to October

  •  Monday to Friday : 08:00 am. to 02.00 pm.
  •  Saturday – 08:00 a.m to 12:00 noon (Classes IX to XII)

Winter- November to March

  •  Monday to Friday : 8.00 a.m. to 2.00 pm.
  •  Saturday : 08:00 a.m to 12:00 noon (Classes IX to XII)

Office Hours

  •  Summer : 08:00 a.m to 03:00 p.m.
  •  Winter : 08:00 a.m. to 03:00 p.m.

* The Principal can be met on all working days by appointment or during the time given below:

  •  Summer - 9.00 a.m to 1 p.m.
  •  Winter – 9.00 a.m to 1 p.m.