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At Holy Trinity Church School students come from the far reaches of Ghaziabad and beyond. An efficient transportation system operates to take the students to and from the school punctually and comfortably. 12 Buses ply on different routes, making the school accessible to students from every part of the city and its suburbs.

Computer Lab

One sophisticated state-of-the-art computer labs with 25 computers, uninterrupted power supply, stand-by generator and round-the-clock internet facility is the pride of the Holy Trinity Church School. All the teachers are computer literate and have undergone IT training.

Science Labs

We at Holy Trinity Church School have all the three labs separately for Physics, Chemistry and Biology with all the required equipments, charts and models for the better understanding of the concept. Also have proper shelves to store reagent bottles, sinks. Proper safety measures are strictly followed.


Our library, is open on all working days from 08:30 a.m. to 02:00 p.m. All students attend weekly classes at their designated library period. Weekly classes include library and research skills, literature appreciation, reading comprehension skills and the structure of expository writing. All students have access to library materials and can check out books during any school day. A new, expanded library space allows for a larger library collection, space for the entire class to sit comfortably under natural lighting.